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Preparation for Exams

  1. Plan your preparation at least two months before the examination.
  2. Discuss your work with your teachers and form tutor
  3. Revise using notes/cards, past papers, essays and revision guides/software
  4. Produce and stick to a timetable 

Revision space

Find a place at home where you are free from distractions. This includes all screens unless they are being used as part of your revision.

If it is difficult to find a quiet place to revise at home, use a family member’s home, the school library or the public library.

Plan your revision time

Complete a study timetable with the following:

  • Revision / Assignments / Homework
  • Other commitments (sports, clubs, chores, other work)
  • Free time











School Lessons








































Revision time

Include planned breaks in between revising to ensure that you do not work beyond your concentration span.

Reward yourself for completing chunks of revision with a snack, drink, game or TV show to help motivate you.

Revision notes

Make revision notes, even if your book notes are of good quality. You will be revising as you produce these and they will be of great use as you work towards the examination.

Personalise these by writing them using language that you understand. One idea is to make revision notes on an entire topic on a single side of A4.

Alternatively, make a collection of revision cards with key information. Start work on these early to give you time to produce them for all your subjects.

Year 11 Easter GCSE revision classes

As your son/daughter continues working towards their GCSE examinations starting in May, at Phoenix we are working hard to ensure that they achieve their aspirational target grades.

During the academic year there will be an extensive array of revision sessions planned to support your child in Year 11. Please click here to access the timetable of all sessions which will be on offer during period 6.

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