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Numeracy @Phoenix
Welcome to the Phoenix Numeracy webpage.
Everyday, without realising it, we are using Maths.  We believe that every student can develop the Numeracy skills they need to succeed at school and in the real world.  Improving students' confidence is the first step in giving them a head start!


Be positive - Maths is used in everyday life.

You have the ability to develop those Numeracy skills needed, from spending money to travelling to and from school.

Try your absolute best and you can improve your confidence and skills in Numeracy.

For further support in helping your child develop their Numeracy skills, please visit:


Here's the latest:

Outstanding '100%' Score!

A massive congratulations to Vibhu, who became the first student to score 100% on the Key Stage 3 Numeracy Assessment.  Vibhu achieved a perfect 53 out of 53 marks and was rewarded with the Head Teacher's Commendation certificate, as well as a Helix Oxford Stationery Set.


It's Scavenger Time!

Get your magnifying glass out and search for evidence.

We want you to find as many things possible related to Numeracy.  You can design a poster, produce a PowerPoint or create an image collage.

Closing date is Friday 4th December 2020.

Please return your entries to your tutor.

Please see below the clues you need to win the prize.


Numeracy Newsletters / Leaflets and Numeracy Slides

You can access our tutor time Numeracy Slides by clicking the link below.  Also, please feel free to view / download our Numeracy newsletters / leaflets.

You will need Microsoft PowerPoint to view the Numeracy Slides and PDF software to view our Numeracy newsletters / leaflets.


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