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Literacy: Three Key Areas

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking and listening


At Phoenix Collegiate, we recognise that literacy skills are essential for young people to succeed at school and throughout life. All teachers at Phoenix support students in developing their literacy skills because:

  • Students need to understand and use new vocabulary, express and organise their spoken and written answers to do well in all of the subjects they study; 
  • Reading helps us to extend our understanding beyond our immediate  world and learn from the experiences of other writers; 
  • Writing helps us to  order our ideas and explain what we understand; 
  • Language helps us to reflect, revise and evaluate the things we and others do; 
  • Responding to  questions encourages us to develop thinking skills and ask questions; 
  • Improving literacy and learning can make us more confident and motivated to succeed; 
  • High standards of literacy allow us to be independent learners and communicate our point of view.

Literacy Initiatives


Every morning all students in years 7-10 begin their day with a 20 minute Renaissance session. They are involved in reading using  the Renaissance Accelerated Reader programme. At the beginning of every academic year, this online system assesses each individual student’s reading age and guides them and their form tutors to the appropriate reading books for them. These books help our students to extend and improve their vocabulary as well as gain from the calm enjoyment of reading. The scheme also extends engagement through a variety of quiz activities on the books they have read and there are different competitions throughout the year, such as the half-termly ‘Word Count’ competition, which sees tutor groups vying to read the most words. Students also have the opportunity to earn certificates and prizes as they progress through the programme.

Parents/carers can access their child's reading record and data via clicking here.


Lexia is the software programme used in the dedicated Literacy Centre. It uses a range of fun activities and games to support students in developing their reading skills. The system uses computers and headphones to help the students learn new vocabulary and improve their ability to sight read language. Students can complete 5 levels and earn certificates and rewards as they work through the programme.

Literacy Across The Curriculum


All subject areas at Phoenix support students in developing reading, writing and speaking and listening. Within lessons, students are given opportunities to read aloud to a variety of audiences, to explore the texts they are reading in depth and to have access to a wide range of texts from different sources.


Lessons in subjects such as humanities, science and technology develop students’ writing skills as students are asked to write in a range of styles including reports, reviews, essays and creative writing . Teachers also support students in developing their ability to write in a sophisticated, grammatically accurate way.

Speaking and Listening:

Speaking and listening skills are enhanced across the curriculum as students undertake drama performances, give oral presentations, are involved in group discussions and have to communicate ideas in subjects such as business, performing arts, RE and mathematics. Furthermore, Student Enrichment Days provide lots of opportunities for class debates, discussions and presentations. Students can also get involved with the preparation and delivery of assemblies. In addition, there are many extra-curricular activities available to students, such as the peer mentoring scheme, Sixth Form debating society and being a representative on the School Council.

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