Phoenix Collegiate

Vision and Values

Our Vision

Our Vision at Phoenix is to look, feel and behave like the best school in the country so that our students get a better deal here at Phoenix than they would at any other school.

This is underpinned by our tagline of Aspire, Believe and Succeed.

Our Values

Our Ethos

Our ETHOS is reflected in our values and the importance we place upon learning within a rich and diverse cultural community. We are a school committed to teaching that is rigorous, engaging, exciting and purposeful; that develops young people to become knowledgeable, active, independent learners; leaving school intellectually and emotionally prepared for further/higher education and the world of work.

Courtesy and good manners are just two of the many expectations we have of our students at Phoenix. We provide every student with the opportunity to achieve their best, in a supportive and challenging environment that insists on high moral standards. We encourage students to develop healthy, transferable interests and pursuits; learn and practice the skills of friendship, through participation in a wide range of activities and learn to value and make a positive contribution to the community.

We actively promote and achieve a respect for each other, in our different beliefs, the friendships that we hold and the courtesy that we extend to others within our community. We do not tolerate racism, bullying or a lack of self-discipline.

 Aspire • Believe • Succeed