Phoenix Collegiate


The library is open from 8.15am until 3.45pm for pupils to use. As part of our commitment to reading this is fully staffed by 2 full time librarians (Mrs Hill and Miss Hall).

There is access to ICT facilities within library for students to complete home learning. The library also has a printer for which there is a nominal charge.

The library has plenty of seating which consists of a combination of desks and chairs and comfortable seating such as sofas to allow students to study and read. 

We are well resourced with over 15,000 resources including both fiction (including a sixth form resources) and non-fiction books, talking books, DVD’s, revision guides, dictionaries and a careers section.

We also run a games club at lunchtime where pupils can play board games including chess, draughts and word-drop. To do this, pupils need to come before school or break to get a lunchtime pass.