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Why should you study Maths

All throughout the day, from the moment that you get up to the time you go to bed, Maths plays a crucial part in virtually all of your activities in one form or another. Key aspects of the course are problem solving and interpreting results, which are attributes that employers are always looking for. Good results in Maths are crucial in opening many doorways to future careers.


Career Options

Many careers involve aspects of Maths and associated skills so you can't avoid it! However careers that you can follow from Maths include: Accountant, Banker, Data analyst (fancy being on Sky Sports?), Engineer, Statistician.


What else could you get out of Maths?

Maths will allow you to refine and develop problem solving, analytical and interpretive skills, as well as having the foundation to develop scientific or theoretical problems. Careers such as the trades (builder, plumber, electrician etc.) need you to have certain Mathematical skills too...


How is the course assessed?

3 x 1 hour 30 minutes  papers to be taken at the end of year 11. Paper 1 is non-calculator whereas Papers 2 & 3 both need the use of a scientific calculator.


Attitudes to Learning

A positive attitude and a willingness to work independently both in school and at home. You need to be prepared to be open minded, to make mistakes and learn from them. It helps to be good at working both individually and as part of a team in order to develop those crucial Mathematical communication skills.


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