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Why should you choose a Technical Certificate in Finance

There are over 1.3 million people employed within the financial services sector. Large financial organisations such as HSBC have supported the need for a financial qualification aimed at 14-16 year olds to gain skills and understanding of the sector to develop future employment opportunities• If you are interested in the world of banking, accounts and financial services then a Technical Certficiate in Finance is the subject for you.! The qualification provides an enriching and detailed introduction to the world of finance relating to real-life application. The Technical Certificate in Finance (TCF) is for learners who wish to learn more about financial services, financial products and their application, and finance in business.

Career Options

This qualification prepares students for both practical and academic routes. Students may progress to study Level 3 courses such as Financial Studies, Business and Economics before eventually progressing to study Degree ( Level 4) programmes in finance related disciplines eg. banking and finance. Typical eventual careers include apprenticeships in Business and Finance, and Entrepreneurial opportunities including business start-ups. 


What else could you get out of a Technical Certificate in Finance?

The qualification will provide you with an opportunity to gain increased financial awareness and a real-life application of numeracy and mathematical skills used within financial services. You will learn about Financial Service providers and how they function linked to careers in banking, accounting, investment, insurance and financial technology. You will also develop key financial capability skills and how to achieve your own personal financial goals.

How is the course assessed?

50% externally assessed, non-exam assessment

50% externally assessed, assessment by examination


Attitudes to Learning

There is an expectation that students of this award will demonstrate skills such as those required to work in financial services including commercial awareness, leadership, teamwork, communication. numeracy, problem solving and networking.


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