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The George and Thomas Henry Salter Trust

The George and Thomas Henry Salter Trust student education grant application

The George and Thomas Henry Salter Trust is a charitable organisation aimed at supporting individuals and organisations that require financial support. 

The trust provides educational grants to young people from the local area to support them in higher education. Once you have acquired your university place then you can obtain an application from Phoenix 6th form that will aid you in applying for a grant up to £1000 to support you with your studies.

The grant is based upon an unconditional place hence you must have had this offer or await your results and confirmation of you meeting the entry requirements for your course. The application is straight forward and just requires some basic information about yourself and your career aspirations.

Mrs M Bytheway
Phoenix Collegiate
Clarkes Lane,
West Bromwich,
West Midlands,

T: 0121 588 8384E: