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LEGO® Innovators 


Year 7 Students were given the opportunity to visit the LEGO® Innovation Education Studio at Stafford College.

Students were set the task of building robots, using LEGO® Technic, and then program them using computer software to complete a series of challenges.  These challenges included measuring distances, rotating to a degree and time.

LEGO_Innovation_2               LEGO_Innovation_3

Students then battled against each other, as their robots fought until the 'last one standing'!

'Pi'zza Party!

Congratulations to Year 7 student, Arun, who correctly guessed that 52 pies were sold in the canteen on Pi Day.

The prize - free pizza and chips for the whole tutor group (7W1) during our School Enrichment Day.

Going for Gold!

Congratulations to Year 7 students; Harpreet, Gia, Saqib, Riyad, Amanpreet, Arandeep, Jayden and Sara who were awarded gold certificates for correctly answering 100 multiplication questions in 10 minutes.

Well done to you all!

Maths Riddle #9

Look at the following rhombuses.

What is the missing number?


Creme Egg 'Height' Competition Winners


Well done to Year 7 student, Casey, and Sixth Formers, Marina and Jack, for correctly guessing that Mr. Smith was approximately 68 Cadbury Creme Eggs tall.

An ‘egg’cellent attempt by all students!

Maths Riddle #10

Can you work out and solve the pattern below?

7 and 3 = 41021

8 and 3 = 51124

5 and 4 = 1920

9 and 6 = 31554

7 and 4 = 31128

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