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External Examinations

External Examinations

Information and Instructions for Candidates

On the day
Bring with you in a see through pencil case
Black pen(s) pencil(s) rubber ruler
Calculator without a lid or cover (where exam allows)
Protractor and compasses for Maths

You MUST have your Exam pass to show on entry of the exam and to place on the exam desk during your exam. There will be no entry to the exam without your pass. Lost exam passes can be replaced by the Resources Dept. at a cost of £3 for Years 10 & 11 and £5 for 6th Form.

Be outside your exam room by 8.55am/1.10pm
Remember to go to the toilet before you line up.
If you feel ill during the exam, tell an invigilator straight away [put up your hand and they will come to you].
If you are late, you may be allowed to sit the exam but the exam board might not accept your script.

If you are ill and cannot attend, ask a Parent/Carer to phone the school to explain.  If you miss the exam you will need to provide a self certification form from the exam office at school. Your GP or GP's receptionist needs to complete and return the form within 3 days of the exam.

If you miss an exam with no good reason, you will not get a result for that subject and you will be asked to pay the exam fee.

Examination Rules  
Mobile Phones, iPods, iWatches, MP3’s and MP4’s must be handed in or preferably left at home. Food, Bags or Coats (and other outdoor wear) ARE NOT ALLOWED ON YOUR PERSON OR IN THE EXAM ROOM YOU MAY BRING WATER TO THE EXAM ONLY IF IN A CLEAR BOTTLE WITH NO LABELS

While you are in the exam room:

  • You must not communicate in any way with another candidate
  • You are not allowed to borrow any equipment from another candidate
  • Any improper behaviour will be reported to the exam board, and may result in disqualification.

All public examinations have to be carried out in accordance with the certain rules and regulations. These are not school rules or regulations these are laid down by the Joint Council for Qualifications ( All schools and colleges has to abide by these rules to make sure that everyone that takes an exam is treated fairly and no one is advantaged in any way.

Anyone who breaks the rules will face serious consequences.
External timetables for all written components are drawn up by the Awarding Bodies and these exams have to be taken on the timetabled date at the timetabled time.  The only exception to this is where a candidate has an exam clash.  In this case a special arrangement is made for one exam to be taken earlier or later in the same day, with supervision in between.  It is essential that clash candidates stay under supervision.

Hopefully, no one should be in any doubt about when and where their exams are taking place.  We endeavour to contact all candidates who are missing at the start of an exam so please ensure that we have your correct phone number on our system.  If anyone is still unsure about their exam arrangements, they should see the Exams Officer Mrs Lester.

Please contact the exam office on 0121 588 8384 for details of where and when to collect examination results and certificates.

Please find below documents containing information and instructions for candidates:

Mrs M Bytheway
Phoenix Collegiate
Clarkes Lane,
West Bromwich,
West Midlands,

T: 0121 588 8384E: