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Careers Information Advice & Guidance

 Phoenix is committed to providing high quality Careers Education, Advice and Guidance (CIAG) to all students through the curriculum and organised activities. This guidance will focus on the specific needs of the individual student to promote self- awareness and personal development. Students are entitled to careers education and guidance that is impartial and confidential.

Guidance will be integrated into students' experiences of the whole curriculum, based on a partnership with them and their parents or carers. The programme will promote equality of opportunity, diversity and inclusion, while promoting the best interests of the students to whom it is given. 

We aim to promote the following to all students: 

  •  Career exploration through the provision of a wide range of resources: computer software, books and leaflets, posters and access to impartial careers guidance. 

  • Work place experience through the Year 10 Work Experience week and at Post 16, which is supported by the EBP

  • Independent investigation through the use of a variety of on line resources. 
  • Progression planning through the provision of Information and Guidance (IAG) from external careers advisors, support across the curriculum, organised progression activities and events and association with local colleges and businesses – including our partners, GeoPost and the Halifax Building Society; developing understanding of the changing nature of work, education and career choices, including the full range of post-16 education or training options, and apprenticeships. 

The careers programme is delivered by staff and co-ordinated by Pastoral Leaders and  Tutors, who work alongside the Leader of The Phoenix Edge Programme.  It is delivered via six collapsed days throughout the course of the school year and supplemented in morning registration time by form tutors.

The school's career leader is Ms A Madden, who can be contacted on 0121 588 8384 or emailed on - FAO Ms Madden. Careers resources, available in the library, for all students, are relevant and updated regularly to take account of current good practice. Access to careers software and internet based resources are also available. 

Participation in activities, both in school and off-site, provides our students with employer contact, access to information about voluntary and community organisations and the opportunities available to them at Further and Higher Education institutions. Phoenix is currently employing the services of an external CIAG provider, 'Connexions', which is offering 'drop in' sessions, individual careers interviews for every Year 11 student and further guidance within the PSHE curriculum. A designated mentor for Post 16 has been appointed to further enhance provision.

 Parents receive information regarding planned events and are invited into school at key times, for example, when choosing options, preparing for work experience and in identifying appropriate progression pathways at the end of KS4 and 5. They are also invited to participate in individual careers’ interviews.


Key Stage 3 Provision 
Year 7 – Introducing careers and the opportunities that are available
Year 8 – Linking plans and aspirations to reality
Year 9 – Self-assessment, career paths and options Post 14

Key Stage 4 Provision
Year 10 – Work experience including preparation, implementation and evaluation
Year 11 – Post 16 options/pathways and the application process

Post 16 Provision
Year 12 & 13 - Self-assessment, career paths and options at 17/18 and beyond.


Provider Access Policy

Please find below our Provider Access Policy for further details.

This policy statement sets out the school’s arrangements for managing the access of providers to students at the school for the purposes of giving them information about the provider’s education or training offer. This complies with the school’s legal obligations under Section 42B of the Education Act 1997.

Mrs M Bytheway
Phoenix Collegiate
Clarkes Lane,
West Bromwich,
West Midlands,

T: 0121 588 8384E: